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The Treamis Learning Environment

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Treamis adopts a constructivist and student–centric approach to learning where knowledge is not acquired but constructed. The emphasis is on active learning with respect to real life involvement, connectedness and concurrency. Effective approaches to teaching and learning are developed within the global contexts promoting global engagement, multilingualism, intercultural understanding and pride in self-identity

Treamis delivers education on international scale from qualified, respected and professional faculty who conduct 1-on-1 instruction with manageable class sizes. The learning environment with regular assessment emphasizes “learning to become a habit”. The holistic atmosphere ensures a perfect harmony among intellectual, social, emotional and motor skills preparing students to reach their potential. The healthy emotional climate of a typical classroom ensures safety, warm collaboration and respect for children, chiseling them to become global citizens of tomorrow. The teaching methodology uses inquiry and exploration by students. The project based learning method emphasizes hands on training and nurtures child’s innate creative ability. The school provides an exceptional education milieu for children to easily transition their learning process to schools/universities worldwide.

Treamis believes that it is student’s responsibility to reach his/ her full capabilities in all areas of development with special emphasis on adhering to values.

The sole focus is to develop self-regulated learners who learn to set goals, inquire, explore, self-interrogate, self-critique, reflect on performance, generate perseverance, try out multiple ways of solving and customize their own learning process. Inculcation of comprehensive skills like thinking, experiential, problem solving, communication, socio-emotional, organization, affective and research in the learning curve makes learning a life-long experience.

The faculty provides appropriate interventions, support mechanisms, services and learning opportunities to help students to be healthy, ethical, productive members of the local and global communities. Staff at Treamis takes immense pride in facilitating the development, implementation and assessment of various student support programs and also serve as student and parent advocate within the school.

Learning at Treamis is not a mere knowledge gain from books and curriculum. It is way beyond, where learning happens with life skills incorporated in all the lessons learnt in the daily running of the school, in all forms of activities inside and outside the classroom. Right from boarding the bus to school till home time, all the actions and responses connect with life skills. Be it teamwork based classroom projects handled with open-mindedness, or inculcating the art of responding to others by keeping up to the etiquette and social behaviour, book sharing with peers, nurturing the interpersonal skills in relating to all buddies empathetically, building up confidence in the power of expression through participation in class debates, learning the art of sewing not only to chisel the fine motor skills but also to learn the art of prompt repair of clothes independently, or managing time to complete homework, the Treamis Learning Environment(TLE) integrates defined activities generating determined outcomes.

The TLE creates instructional scenarios in artificial representations pertaining to real life situations in the form of simulations, where the learners are placed in an experiential world. This gives them a first-hand experience of a deeper understanding and a smarter handling of real life challenges. Moreover, interacting with simulations engage them in deep learning- a higher level of engagement transforms learning into an interactive joyful process.

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