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Working While Learning:

Treamis believes that a comprehensive work program designed to address each student's individual career interest will eventually make students more responsible employees as they enter the world of work. The experience from work study program cultivates a strong network of professional relationships that will benefit students for a lifetime.

Work Study Programme:

Senior students will have the opportunity to work in various departments within the campus. The programme balances the students’ academic activities and the work assignment allowing the students experience work environment while being at the campus. Students get credits for being in the program.

Internship Program:

High school students will have opportunity work as interns in the local business community during summer and winter breaks. Students in this program are selected by the business firms in collaboration with the school. The emphasis of the program is on career and personal development.


Intramural activities are conducted regularly on various curricular and non-curricular areas. In addition to helping the students become competitive, the activities give them an identity and sense of pride in a supportive environment.

Student Council

Treamis Student Council is conducted by the students under the supervision of adults.

The Council gives students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing school activities and service projects that contribute to school spirit and community welfare.  The council is also the voice for the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. The Student Council strives to make the student body and the staff happier, and to add colour, variety and fun to school life.

The Council has faculty advisers who relentlessly guide students in identifying, planning and executing student council activities. They introduce students to age-appropriate leadership opportunities and help them understand the responsibilities that go with their leadership roles.

Members of student council are expected to maintain a high standard of personal conduct, must be in good standing with the faculty, students and administration and always maintain excellence in academics. They have to lead by being good examples of conduct through their words and actions.

The formation of the student council and its functions are based upon democratic parliamentary procedures.  Any student that is interested in leadership, event planning or becoming more involved in the school are welcome to become involved in the Student Council through election by the student body.

Yearly Student Council Events

    Student Council members involve in various activities each year. By default, the student council prepares and participates in the following activities each year.

  • Walk-a-thon - the student council, in cooperation with staff members has the opportunity to bring awareness and raise fund for causes such as diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Blood drive – conduct blood drive camp in the campus to help provide blood to blood banks through Red Cross.
  • Special day celebrations – work with faculty to celebrate special days such as French, Kannada, Independence, Traditional etc. and yearend school party.
  • Annual Showcase – plan and execute annual showcase.
  • Academic Fair – Help faculty members organize annual academic fair.
  • Publications – Edit and publish Treamis Times, the quarterly newsletter of the school. Assist faculty and student editorial team to publish Kaleidoscope, the yearbook.

Academic Advising

Selected faculty members serve as academic advisers to help guide students through their education at Treamis and beyond. Advisers discuss all the topics of school work with the students including student assessment, class selection, and preparation for semesters or school years. These meetings also give students the opportunity to discuss areas where they may need help. As students move to higher classes, regularly scheduled meetings with advisers help them identify their interests and plan for post-graduation.

Individualized Planner

The Treamis academic advisers reinforce on the self -management skills in learning and make individualised study planner. The planner accommodates space for preparing SOP-s, brag sheets and optional internship reports.In an interval ofevery three months, learners are exposed to career guidance workshop and encounter personal guidance interviews. The career guidance centres around a learner’s interests. To fulfil their aspirations there are a set of skills needed, out of which some are innate and some need to be acquired. Here, the facilitators identify those skills and help in acquiring them.

Learning Support

Treamis focuses on holistic development of each child. Some children can reach their potential on their own; some will get there with support through counselling and special education.

Treamis Special Educator help children with learning difficulties. After detailed discussion with parents, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is prepared for each child. Intervention is provided through one-on-one session and in small groups. Assessments are conducted according to each student’s needs and potential. The reports are discussed periodically with parents.

It is important that, at the time admission, parents of the student with a history of learning difficulty provide details of the issues affecting student’s learning. This helps the Special Educator and the Class Teacher to plan the learning support required for the student. The learning support includes mentoring and guidance, in-class support and developing literacy and numeracy skills.

The department organizes monthly workshops for teachers to identify and manage students that require special needs.

Counselling is also provided for age related issues, emotional and behavioural challenges faced by students The department also conducts quarterly seminars for parents on issues related to parenting.

       The Sun has risen again

          A new day has come

   A new calling comes from life;

        the learning has begun

Like a beacon, the light will shine;

       the knowledge that I find

    Treamis is my guiding light

          Wherever I may go,

  let my learning open the doors

         Let me steer every life

        with a cheer and a smile

   Let me be a symbol of peace

      And do the best of deeds

   Make this world a better place

      A mark I will leave behind


School Song

best international school in india school song


Sung by Reena Raj


Campus Safety

The safety, security and well-being of the students, staff and visitors are always ensured. The Campus Safety Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Campus Safety Officers are charged with dorm and academic building security and regular patrol of all surrounding campus properties. Officers also oversee dormitory card access, student medical transports to the Health Center, parking control and permits, as well as security during special events.

The Nurse Station

Treamis houses a 24-hour-a day, seven-days-a-week Health Center. The school nurse is available on campus 24x7. This place addresses all kinds of emergency first aids and overall health check-up of the staff and students.


The school ensures that healthy meals and/or snacks are always available to students, whether they are at school, off campus for a special activity, participating in a school program taking place outside the regular school day, or involved in some other special circumstance.
All meals, foods and beverages are designed by the school’s nutrition professionals. Treamis provides students with access to a variety of fresh and appealing foods that are globally inspired and meets the health and nutrition needs of students.

The cafeteria includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat fluid milk in the meals. The meals have reduced levels of sodium and saturated fat and zero trans-fat addition in meals. Treamis does not supersize meals, but instead strives to meet the nutrition needs of students within their age-specific calorie requirements.

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