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A few simple steps to follow:

  1. Visit the Admissions Office and collect necessary forms or email to   admissions@treamis.org for applying online.
  2. Return the completed forms along with the copies of previous two years academic records. Alternatively submit the online application form and email the scanned copies of academic records.
  3. The Admissions Office will keep you informed about the student assessment and parent interview dates.
  4. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the Admissions Office will send the admissions acceptance letter.

Admission Process for Overseas Students:

Once the student is granted eligibility for admission, the school will mail the admissions confirmation letter which can be used for obtaining student visa. The following list gives few essential documents required for entry into India.

  • medical fitness form
  • transfer certificate from the current school
  • copy of the birth certificate
  • three passport size photographs
  • one passport size photograph of father and mother each
  • registration and admission fees by cheque payable to 'Treamis'.

Please check with the nearest Indian Consulate for updated information on visa, customs and baggage information.

Upon arrival, International students will have to register with Foreigners Registration Office.

Treamis Residence Hall Administration will assist students in this process.

Admissions Schedule:

While students can enroll at any time during the school year, admissions are based on first-come first-served. We encourage parents to register the students as soon as possible.

For further information, please email admissions@treamis.org or call +91 99723 99046/47.