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The curriculum is designed to give age appropriate outcomes as the student progresses to different levels from preschool to high school.

The curriculum focuses on cognitive and motor skills in the preschool, concepts in the primary school and practical approach in middle school.

At the high school level, the focus of the curriculum is to prepare students for the Board examination and college.

Treamis has four academic units:


Age 2 years
7 months - 5.5 years


Grades 1-5


Grades 6-7

High School

Grades 8-10

Higher Secondary

Grades 11 & 12

Treamis education model

  •   Treamis considers Creativity as an important outcome of learning. Creativity not only exists in visual and performing arts but also in languages and subjects like math, science and business.
      At Treamis all the subjects have the same weight and views them as diversity of intelligences.

    Treamis has adopted the maverick approach to divergent thinking which is an essential capacity for creativity. It is the art of finding multiple answers to one question, interpreting a question in many ways, thinking laterally and not just in linear or convergent ways