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Campus Overview

For day scholars, Treamis life starts with the bus ride to the campus that is safe and enjoyable. The school timings are set to avoid peak hour traffic. On-site medical facility addresses emergency health needs. Please click on all the menu items for additional information about the life on campus.

Dress Code

In order to prevent students from wearing dresses that are uncomfortable or distracting, the school provides standard uniforms for the students.

Treamis uniform consists of blue or yellow t-shirt, navy blue jeans/slack and black sports/tennis shoes. The senior students should wear school blazers during school programs and inter-school activities.

Summer Camp

The school conducts summer camp in the month of May for children. Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Dance, personality development, academic skill development etc. are some of the activities of this camp.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

The parents are at the core of what makes Treamis so special. The strength of Treamis community lies in the ideas, time and energy that its families dedicate as volunteers. Treamis relies on the parents to become involved.

The PTO is a non-profit organization whose membership includes parents, legal guardians and academic staff at school. It seeks to build a strong community of parents, students and faculty to enrich children's school experience. The PTO brings into closer relation the home and the school to cooperate in the education of children.

The PTO brings into closer relation the home and the school to cooperate in the education of children.

The PTO promotes open communication and understanding between parents and staff of the School.

Foster the concept of parent involvement in child's school education. Volunteer classroom parents assist classroom teachers with field trips, special events and act as substitute teachers.


School Timings






Monday – Friday

8:50 AM

3:35 PM



Monday - Thursday


8:50 AM

8:45 AM

3:35 PM

3:35 PM



One Saturday a month

8:50 AM

3:35 PM