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Performing Arts is spaced out with academics in the time table. PA is not an optional or extra-curricula here, it is co-scholastic having equal weightage like academics. Visual and Fine Arts aim in at triggering the fine motor skills involving synchronization of hands and fingers with eyes.




  1. Coordination, strength, flexibility and special awareness
  2. Prepare for individual and team performances


  1. Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, ballets, tap dance, folk dances from around the world, step dance, aerobics.





  1. Prepare students to express themselves musically, respond to music made by others and to be lifelong participants, learners and supporters of music.
  2. Provide strong foundation in music literacy, theory, history, performance and appreciation.


  1. Singing, Rhythm activities, Instruments and listening activities. Hindustani, Carnatic, Western, Choir, Orchestra


Visual Arts & Crafts



  1. Develop and nurture students' creativity. Provide strong foundation in art starting with the elements of design (line, color, shape, space, texture, etc) and gradually move in depth to the principles of design (balance, pattern, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, and etc)'.


  1. Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Photography, Animation, Weaving, and Wood carving.